Article: The Micro-Naturalist Network

    Variety of miscroscope forms

    A micro-naturalist is simply a naturalist who is interested in looking at the the small world that forms the basis of all life through a microscope. “Take a field trip without leaving the room” is our tagline. Otherwise there is just as much (or more) fun and challenge in the discoveries but quite often closer to home. We are united by a loose association that forms a network.

    I found that many people who were once interested in microscopes have given them up for other pursuits. Its a pity because there is a whole galaxy of creatures and organisms right at hand if only they can be seen. They are the fundamental building blocks of all life – and they are the ‘canary in the mine’ indicating total heath of all life.

    My goal is to find and link up the naturalists who use a microscope is my goal. Finding and inspiring new participants is a goal too! Right now we are scattered along the length of Vancouver Island. Imagine an informal network linking us all up together – and even hosting periodic coffee meet ups where we can all get to know each other. Maybe some day we will host a technical meeting – with speakers – its possible!

    Because the idea is to be able to learn from each other, to trade information, and even to build friendships that generate projects. We could, as a group, create useful tools for others based on the knowledge that we are accumulating. I’d like to think that we are going to inspire others to join us in this activity. 

    Join Us!

    So if you are interested in linking up with us – whether you are experienced or not – please send a message to microscope (at) expressing an interest. We are a friendly, respectful, supportive and positive group who would like to include anyone interested in microscopy.