Cool Inexpensive Microscope Choices

    Dr. Elaine Humphrey, the Manager of the Advanced Microscopy Facility at the University of Victoria shared her impressions of equipment in her personal collection of microscopes. She is very keen on getting young people inspired by science through use of microscopes. When they get excited the next step is often the purchase of an inexpensive microscope for home – but what to choose?

    These microscopes may look like toys but I witnessed startling results with many of them when they were demonstrated.

    Carson I-Phone Adapter

    Anyone with an I-phone is at an advantage in that it can now be easily rigged up to couple with the eyepiece of a low cost microscope. They capture truly excellent images. There are several brands that work with a smart phone Carson adapter


    The Echo Wooden Microscope

    One of her favorites is the Echo Wooden Microscope works well and is usable in the field under rough conditions.


    Foldscope Origami Microscope

    Foldscopes come in a nice metal box and is an origami microscope that used to be 50 cents but now costs $2


    Abedoe Microscope

    This one, used with an I-phone is by Abedoe. It comes with a black light source for special applications.

    • 60X zoom microscope magnify lens for universal phones,60X zoom microscope magnify lens for universal phones
    • Bright LED light of the magnifying Glass provides enough light at any dim conditions
    • Great design for inspecting the tiny objects
    • Portable and convenient design, easy to carry with your mobile phone
    • Included a UV currency detector for checking counterfeit currency


    USB Microscope

    I have the pluggable at a third of the price but I find the Celestron is far better with much more resolution.


    My First Lab

    This lightweight, from My First Lab, is a compound microscope is a solid instrument which would work well in the field for a field worker – or be a fine starter instrument for a young person.


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