Richard Long – Maintaining and Servicing Microscopes for 40 Years

    Richard Long has been servicing microscopes and delicate scientific instruments for more than 40 years. If you need your microscope cleaned or serviced he is your contact in British Columbia. After many years use or storage most instruments need a professional cleaning and lubrication. Perhaps your microscope needs a repair? Richard may be able to help – or he can give advice if it is not worth repairing.

    I met Richard Long early in my renaissance experience with microscopes about five years ago. He helped me obtain my first new instrument. I learned a lot from him as he helped me set it up and I have kept in touch with him ever since. He went into semi-retirement a couple of years ago and I presumed that others would take his place. I was wrong. There are very few qualified microscope technicians in western Canada and they are difficult to identify. I recently had my instrument serviced and was impressed with the service I received.

    Richard is a very good teacher – he knows all the ‘ins and outs’ of using a compound microscope or stereoscope. I am hoping that we can organize a course in the future so he can instruct us all in the techniques of properly operating a microscope. I would also like to get tips on using darkfield or phase contrast equipment as many new scope come equipped for these functions.

    Contact Labserv

    His company is called Labserv, it is located in the lower mainland of BC (he will give you the address when you contact him) and he now works out of his home. You can reach Richard Long by telephone (604) 218-3429 or by email at

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