Book: Life on the Dock

    A Useful Book

    Michael W. Konrad published a highly illustrated book of the marine plants and animals that can be found clinging to docks, floats, and pilings on the Pacific coast. The book surveys many organisms that are easily visible to the naked eye but to the joy of the micro-naturalist he also includes the microscopic world.

    I highly recommend it to west coastal micro-naturalists. It is competently written, very informative and well illustrated. Many of the organisms will be encountered on field trips and some are suitable for viewing under a microscope. It makes good general reading on the subject.

    Publisher information

    The book was published in 2013 by Science Is Art at Sausilito CA. ISBN 978-0-9832590-0-8 paper bound. The author is Michael W. Konrad. It should still be available from book sellers online.

    Categories: Animals, For Beginners